We’ve heard tales of dinosaurs, watched them in movies and seen them in the museums.

But it is only today we discovered, they survived and live in a deeply hidden forest amongst us.

Join us as our rangers lead you on an immersive trek into their living habitat, upclose in a live indoor forest where they roam!

Opening hours:
Weekends, Public & School Holidays (10am-8pm)
Tuesday to Friday (5pm-8pm)

Duration: 1.5hrs per Guided Trail
Location: Dinoland@SAFRA Yishun
Promo Tickets: $35 $32/pax (+ 10% Off for SAFRA Members)

Their long necks grew up to 15m

Length: Up to 22m
Weight: Up to 17 Tonnes
Diet: Herbivore

“Rex” means “king” in Latin

Length: Up to 12.4m
Weight: Up to 9 Tonnes
Diet: Carnivore

3 horns up to 1.2m in length

Length: Up to 9m
Weight: Up to 12 Tonnes
Diet: Herbivore

The world’s first flying vertebrates

Length: Up to 6m (wingspan)
Weight: Up to 250kg
Diet: Carnivore

Teeth the size of bananas

Length: Up to 12m
Weight: Up to 5 Tonnes
Diet: Carnivore

Fast, Nimble & Hunts in Packs

Length: Up to 2m
Weight: Up to 7kg
Diet: Carnivore



Dinoland is suitable for kids 3 and up. There is no age limit for teens and adults!
The entire guided trek is 1.5hrs including all activities!
We are located at SAFRA Yishun (Walking distance from Yishun MRT)
There are no specific requirements on attire. Do come in covered shoes for nature pathways
The entire live forest is indoors and airconditioned
Absolutely not. The entire trek is conducted indoors with air conditioning
Some kids might be afraid at the beginning as the dinosaurs are realistic. However, our rangers will do our best to assure them and help them adapt to the environment quickly!
Kids below 12 will require at least 1 adult guardian for safety purposes! (Guardians will require tickets too)
Due to a maximum capacity limit of 20 pax per tour, only infants below 1yr old do not require a ticket to join the tour!
As the tour will start on the dot, please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your tour if you have not completed the online registration form
W.E.F from 26 April, VDS is not required
We advise you make a booking prior to visiting as we run on limited slots per session. If we are fully booked we are unable to accept walk-ins for that session.
Strollers or any pushable items cant be brought into the premise due to the uneven flooring to mimic the concept of nature and our activities(river crossing/climbing/cave exploring). If you're bringing a stroller you may park it out at our ticketing counter during your visit!


Limited Promo: $35 $32 per ticket
(+10% Off for SAFRA Members)
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Weekends, School & Public Holidays